Search example

How does the search engine of the Up & Close app work? An example:

  1. My Base Wrap Size is 6. I found out by reviewing the ‘Babywearing’ section of the app. My clothing size is Medium.
  2. I have a woven wrap size 4.
  3. I like to find information on possible back carries.
  4. My little one straightens the legs often. Which carry is suitable and safe?

IMG_1098How do I enter this?
1. Base Size 6: use the slider. Drag it to value 6.

2. Woven wrap size 4: Use the slider. Drag it to value 4.

In this example I don’t know a name of a carry. I want to find names. Therefore I leave the field ‘Name of Carry’ empty.


3. Back carries: click on the word ‘Back’. The option will be ticked.

4. Carries suitable for straighteners: click the button behind the text ‘Good for straighteners’. The button changes color and position. The option is now ‘on’.

Are all criteria and filters for my search entered correctly? If so, I can click the word ‘Go’ in the upper right corner.


The various carries that meet my criteria, the search results, will appear on the screen. Let’s say ‘Jordan’s Back Carry’ has my interest and I want to practice this carry at home (with a doll or teddy bear :-)): I click on the star to mark this carry as a favorite. The star turns purple, which indicates that the carry is added to my list of favorites.